Exit….Stage Right!!

I haven’t written in a while as I have been going through alternating currents of engagement with and withdrawal from the state of the world. Truth be told, whatever personal successes we’ve accomplished amounts to little when one thinks as a global citizen on events such as the forced evictions of Palestinian families by the Israeli government, the tragedy of Afghanistan and Iraq, the continuing global financial crisis (with half of the world’s wealth just ((POOF)), gone…Leaving an ever-deepening river of tears), the lack of urgency I see in combating a warming planet & most recently, the backlash against Pres. Barack Obama that have very nasty undertones of this nation’s darkest scar, racial hatred. I sometimes find myself withdrawing in order to maintain a sense of balance and calm as one can get on edge constantly thinking, discussing and trying to contribute in some small way to make a difference.

I recently looked at an interview featuring KRS-One (see video) and was quite impressed with his scope and depth of vision & active engagement. One of the things he said which is quite poignant if not controversial, is that many people (especially people of color) have fallen asleep and have given Pres. Obama a free pass. In a way, that is true. We have allowed ourselves to become somewhat blinded by his historical achievement and allowed our emotions take precedence over our critical intelligence. I like Pres. Obama, personally & I pray for him to shutdown all of his detractors with brilliant tactical maneuvers, but like any public official, he has to be held under scrutiny. I am not a fan of the weak notion of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”. Nor do I think that people who critique Pres. Obama are aiding his enemies who seek to tear him apart. Any true democracy must have at its base a curious and intelligent citizenry who actively tackle the pressing issues of the day. If Pres. Obama caves into powerful interests & turns his back on many of his promises, it must be respectfully stated. However, one has to be realistic enough to know that the office of the President is really nothing short of a front for more powerful entities pulling strings from elsewhere. Let’s be clear on that. Presidents will come and go, but the AIGs, Lockheed-Martins, ArcherDanielsMidlands and BankofAmericas of the world will still be around calling the shots circumventing real democracy.

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