September 19, 2008 : The Fall Of Goliath

“You’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray….” Malcolm X

Wow! The life of a Wall Street hedge fund manager (and his coterie of suck-ups) must be sweet! You can trade millions of dollars a second and make a hell of a fortune in commissions, fees, etc and have that money taxed by the Fed at such a low rate (the untaxed going to offshore havens) then, as icing on the cake, have the government use taxpayer money (our hard-earned bucks!) to bail you out of trash assets (that stunk from the start)& leaving whatever money you made intact and earning interest elsewhere.I guess that’s the calculated economic return for campaign contributions to a spineless, Janus-faced Congress. Your crooked ass comes out on top win or lose! What a racket!! And all these notions we’ve been fed about sweatin’ & pullin’ up on our boot-straps and earning an honest living (to make a good man out of ya!)was just half of the story all along (surprised?). The other half we didn’t hear was that you had better suck up to the right people and take advantage of whomever and whatever to achieve your goals–and it doesn’t hurt to inherit wealth & be white (or emulate “whiteness”) to establish and enhance one’s connections and influence.

From what I’ve been reading over the last week, we are in dangerous territory. I don’t profess to be an expert in economics (although I majored in it in college), but I find it hard to believe anything Hank Paulson or Ben Bernake have to say. Do you really think that they have the interests of the common man at heart? Hank Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs for crying out loud! Goldman Sachs is the top beneficiary of his bailout plan–a plan in which he seeks TOTAL authority without any intervention.

Something stinks.

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”~Dylan Thomas



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