Blue-Collar Swagger

Chitown’s Rhymefest recently dropped a gem of a hip-hop mixtape entitled, “Mark Ronson presents Rhymefest: Man In The Mirror” which contains some very interesting interpretations of Michael Jackson’s songs/samples interspersed with humorous mock-up conversations between Jackson and Rhymefest. Oddly, this mixtape can bring Michael Jackson from the shadows and resurrect his career after his tumultuous fall from grace.

Rhymefest ranks up there with Talib Kweli, Common, Immortal Technique, Guru and Mos Def although he is not as famous as they are (outside of the hip hop sphere, that is). If you enjoyed Kanye’s “Jesus Walks“, then much of the credit goes to Rhymefest for writing/co-producing it.

My favorite cuts on this joint are:

Maybe Tomorrow


Set The Mood

All That I’ve Got Is You

Coolie High

Sunshine Skit

Man In The Mirror

Download the album for free

Also check out this interesting interview.

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