I observe in the limited field in which I find myself,
That unless I can reach the hearts of men and women,
I am able to do nothing.
I observe further that so long as the spirit of hate persists
In some shape or other, it is impossible to establish peace
Or to gain our freedom by peaceful effort.
We cannot love one another, if we hate {Iraqis}.
We cannot love the English and hate {Africans}.
We must either let the law of love rule us through and through
……or not at all.
Love among ourselves based on hatred of others
Breaks down under the slightest pressure.
The fact is, such love is never real love.
It is an armed peace.
War will only be stopped when the conscience of mankind
Has become sufficiently elevated to recognize
The undisputed supremacy of the Law of Love
In all the walks of life.
Some say this will never come to pass.
I shall retain the faith till the end of my earthly existence
……that it shall come to pass.

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