Being Poor, Staying Poor

People are poor because they choose to stay poor.
People should stop complaining and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
People have too many excuses.
People should just get a job and be productive members of society.

..aaaah yes…

Sheep are so imitative, so dull, so fucking ignorant. It’s tempting to just turn around and walk away from all the bullshit floating around and let the foolish and ignorant just rot where they stand, but what is the value of doing that? Is it not better to engage and exchange viewpoints with the hopes of expanding one’s vision and deepening one’s awareness/compassion towards the poor & downtrodden, the disenfranchised and abused, the hungry and maligned, the deluded and compromised? But to do this, one has to make a choice to change focus and actively educate oneself beyond “accepted truths”. Miseducation cuts deep, deep, deep……No wonder the rich are having the time of their lives! And as long as we waste our time on shit like how much weight some fat slob celebrity lost on Jenny Craig or on Paris Hilton’s anorexic, dumb-as-bricks-heiress shenanigans or on American Idol (I see more talent at a Metro station), systemic forces (not blind by any means) will continue to drag us along the slipshod road of Diversions.

Check out this documentary which is a case history of massive exploitation that occurs all over –Latin America, Africa, Asia….

Let’s make connections……..

by MixMasterE

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