The Smackdown by MixMasterE

That imbecilic smirk is gone.

That arrogant, callous, combative, ego-maniacal swagger has been wrestled to the ground and fresh dirt awaits its’ covering. The epitaph should read, “Pride Goeth Before Destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”.

Yes, the U.S electorate finally awakened from its’ slumber and exercised its democratic power to recalibrate the scales and endeavor to recast & uphold the ideal of a government ‘for the people, of the people, by the people’.

A staggering 7 million+ more votes were cast in favor of the Democrats giving them more of a ‘mandate’ than what Bush claimed he had in 2004. The poor wannabe cowboy aint whistlin’ Dixie no more–literally. Due to redistricting/regional realignment in which a solid Northeast has replaced the solid South, Democratic control no longer depends on a bloc of Dixiecrats whose ideological sympathies were often with the GOP.

Symbolically, it’s a New Day (in Babylon?). Only time will tell if the Democrats will deliver the goods or waste the opportunity to do something tangible and lasting.

With death, torture, scandal, hypocrisy, inequality, propaganda-as-news and the authoritarian tilt this nation was going in prior to the beat down the GOP took, We the People are Long Overdue a Break from all this shit!

So, in the euphoria of the moment, suspend critical interrogation and prognostication just a sec & raise your glass to the seismic shift.

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