Planetary Conversations: Rise and Fall of Apocalypse Empire

The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Detroit - The New York Times

(The second half of this clip ( from the 3:17 mark) really struck me hard..It set my mind spinning….It reminded me of a movie whose title I have forgotten, but the lines I have never forgotten since seeing it decades ago. It was an exchange between a battleship captain & a private who was being insubordinate,

Captain: “You should be ashamed, Private!” 

Private: “Nothing to be ashamed of as I was clearly correct in my actions, sir.” 

Captain: “You’re our of line!” 

Private: “Self-preservation in the face of Death is instinctual, sir”. 

Captain: “Go to hell!” 

Private: “We’re already here sir..we’ve been here our whole lives”

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