In Conversation: Chauncey DeVega & Paul Mason – Donald Trump’s Followers Fear the Freedom and Humanity of People Who are Not Like Them

Fear of black men in public spaces is one epidemic we may never find a  vaccine for - CNN


Paul Mason is a journalist, writer, film-maker and public speaker. He is the author of six books, including Postcapitalism.

Paul Mason warns that the Democratic Party and the country’s “left” and “progressives” in the United States are not equipped to resist Trump and the Republican’s fascist assault on democracy because they are still in denial about the intractable levels of hostility and violence being marshaled against them.   

Mason also explains the role of libido, violence, and other emotions in fascism and why such an ideology is so appealing to Trumpists and other fascist-authoritarians. As diagnosed by Paul Mason, the West is ill-equipped to confront Trumpism and the Global Right because of a naïve commitment to normal politics and a belief – contrary to the facts and realities of Realpolitik – that compromise is somehow possible with fascists and other authoritarians.

Chauncey DeVega shares new polling data and research about Trump’s hidden voters and how there has been a large increase these last few weeks in registration among white “working-class” male voters – his most important base of support. Chauncey also highlights the power of “unreason”, which compels Trump’s voters to support him and the danger such a delusional way of thinking represents for democracy and the country’s future — whatever the outcome on Election Day next week.

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