In Conversation: Chauncey DeVega & Cornel West – Reflections on Donald Trump, the Virus, and Questions of Karma and Justice


Dr. Cornel West is professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard and a professor emeritus at Princeton. He is the author of several bestselling books, including Democracy Matters, Race Matters and Black Prophetic Fire

In yet another illuminating episode of the Chauncey DeVega Show,  Dr. West reflects upon questions of right and wrong, karma, and justice as related to how Donald Trump was recently hospitalized because he was infected by the virus. 

Dr. West also explains how true liberals and progressives should respond to Donald Trump being hospitalized – even though he is evil and cruel.He also shares his thoughts on a democracy in crisis and how the American people should best focus their emotions and energies if and when Trump is no longer president.

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