Poet’s Nook:” Come to Me with that which I have not” by Sadiq M Alam

What does the Bible say about poverty? | World Vision

Answering to the call of the devotee,
the Beloved One whispers in his heart:
“Come to Me with that which I have not”
Searching all over,
in fiery deserts, cold mountains,
in dark forests, wide cities or in sleepy villages,
to scholars and to laymen alike
the devotee finds nothing that God has not.
The agony of vain searching knows no bounds.
until one day bursting forth like a thousand suns,
the truth manifests.
“Come with the poverty of your heart.
Empty your heart so that only
and only the Beloved remains
and may take His seat forever on the Heart Throne.
Know O devotee:
it is only poverty that God has not.
So come with a pure soul, washed in its poverty,
as one who has nothing
and who wants nothing
but the Beloved alone.”

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