Chauncey DeVega & Jared Yates Discuss How Donald Trump and the Other Plutocrats Will Use the Coronavirus to Make Life Even Worse for Working Class and Poor Americans

Donald Trump's Twilight Zone


Jared Yates Sexton is a writer whose political writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New Republic, and elsewhere. He is the author of three collections of fiction and a crime novel. Currently he serves as an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University. His new book is American Rule: How a NationConquered the World But Failed Its People.

Sexton reflects on his childhood and life in Trumplandia and the power that Trump’s cult holds over so many white right-wing so-called “Christians” – and why Trump’s foot soldiers will do anything for the Great Leader including dying of the coronavirus.

Sexton also warns that crisis is an opportunity and that Donald Trump and his regime are likely going to use the coronavirus pandemic to cancel the 2020 election and remain in power indefinitely.

Chauncey and Jared also reflect on what it means to be working class in a moment of economic disaster and precarity and how that upbringing prepared them early on for the horrors of the Trump regime.

Chauncey explains how the Trump regime and its consigliere enforcer William Barr is now publicly plotting to use the coronavirus crisis to suspend the Constitution, enforce martial law, and to put Americans in prison and jail indefinitely and without trial. Chauncey also shares how white supremacist terrorists are trying to use the coronavirus as a biological weapon to kill nonwhites, Jews, Muslims, and other groups and individuals deemed to be the enemy.

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