Shadow Network: Media, Money, and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right

Image result for right wing shadow network ann

We are living in a very dark, twisted time. You can call it dystopic. Studying the many strands of how we came to this particular juncture in history is depressing work, but we all must be about tapping into the many scholarly works that’s out here now lest we fall victim to the unremitting bullshit parading as fact in this wilderness called America.

The religious right and Koch network are primary engines of disinformation & they are God-awful! This book focuses on another organization that doesn’t get much attention for people looking into villains on the right. The Council for National Policy is a think tank and kind of clearinghouse organization that brings together the money, the players of the religious right, and the activists and tries to push a dominionist vision and far-right economic agenda. These folks are evil & they’re itching for a Civil War to make America White Again. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Arm yourselves with knowledge, good people & let’s organize & take it to the streets!!



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