American Liberal Delusions on Trump by Finian Cunningham

Donald Trump, Loretto street art

Source: Dandelion Salad

The anti-Trump so-called “liberal” American politicians and media suffer from a cozy big delusion. The Democrats and their supportive media, such as CNN and New York Times, as well as the foreign policy establishment, including the CIA, promote the belief that all of America’s ills and problems will be solved if only President Trump could be impeached.

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4 thoughts on “American Liberal Delusions on Trump by Finian Cunningham

      1. It’s polite to ask first before taking someone else’s entire blog post. You are welcome to “reblog” which means take a couple of paragraphs, and then post a link to the original post. That’s how most all other WordPress bloggers do that. Unfortunately the “reblog” button doesn’t work on my blog, so you’ll have to do manually. Thanks, Eddie.


      2. Edited post. Thanks for the head’s up. The critical thing is for people to KNOW what’s being done in their name. In my zest to offer the best progressive writing of our times from different sources, I sometimes overstep my boundaries. I must add that people find out about Dandelion Salad through my site which is a good thing.

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