Empires Feed on Congo’s Treasure


Picture a man made fat by stealing the food off another man’s plate then killing him and moving on to the next victim. He does this repeatedly, sometimes conspiring with like-minded bastards to swipe as much food as possible to satisfy his endless greed. He gorges himself and every now and them throws a crumb to the hungry crowd looking on in their powerlessness and shame. However, he has to appear human. He has to appear  well-meaning. So he hires a team of magicians to make it appear that what he is doing is good and it works quite successfully.  The world becomes impressed with his stockpile of stolen possessions. But like everything, things change. People begin to wise up and recognize the game. They protest. They want to take the greedy parasite and gut him. They’ve suffered so much just to see other people getting well-fed while they languish.This my friends is a simple breakdown of how this world has become a hell on earth and why it is critically important to challenge this dismal reality.

We are the Power.


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