Food For Thought

I’ve been an avid reader of Harper’s magazine for quite some time. I normally go to the back of this monthly gem where the Findings segment is found before reading the lengthier stories/reports. Below are some of the tidbits I found particularly interesting: 

The sense of justice resides in the amygdala. 

  The U.S. military reported progress in its cyborg-insect program and in building robots that can power themselves by eating the bodies of those they kill; the developers have promised that all “EATR” robots will be told not to eat people.

 The brains of white people register less empathy for other ethnic groups

Women, if they become powerful, are as likely as men to cheat

 Easily embarrassed humans, though not the morbidly ashamed, are seen as more trustworthy and are more often monogamous

 Canadian psychologists concluded that “moral disengagementleads to workplace rumormongering and collegial sabotage

University of Kansas psychologists suggested that the poor economy was driving U.S. men to cheat on their wives.

 The bereaved may die of a broken heart

  Neutrinos can flip to any flavor.

 White Americans believe there is more racism against whites than against African Americans.

Particle physicists were optimistic about the possibility of creating something out of nothing, because nothing is actually something.

 The U.N. announced plans to launch a satellite powered by feces.

Studies of humankind’s original states—in China, Egypt, the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Peru—suggest that the emergence of bureaucracy catalyzed predatory imperial expansion

 Periods of heavy rain in the Sahara may have enabled humans to emigrate from Africa

 Wednesdays make Americans twice as likely to kill themselves.



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