Stranger Than Fiction II

(The Subatomic Boson Particle)

To paraphrase Dickens, we are living in the best of times& the worst of times, in an age of wisdom &an age of foolishness, an epoch of belief & an epoch of incredulity, a season of Light & a season of Darkness, a spring of hope & a winter of despair, we have everything before us, we have nothing before us. The speed of change & innovation within the realm of science/technology is mind-boggling. Although much of this amazing stuff has been/will be used for good, much of it will not  – in the name of “national security”, it will be/has been used  against our best interests. Time reveals….

Here are a few items that caught my eye recently:

(1) Spray-on Battery: Rice University researchers have come up with a way to spray-paint a lithium-ion battery onto pretty much any smooth surface- from glass to glazed ceramic tiles – to charge up any appliance/device.
(2)Microscopic Machines That Could Produce Medicine Directly Inside Your Body: Tiny implantable capsules  embedded with genetic instructions to produce drug-building proteins. Is this the future of medicine? It looks that way..
(3) Higgs Boson – Perhaps the greatest discovery in decades according to many top scientists.
(4) The Pentagon’s Narrative Networks -Just when you think that nothing can top the last shady privacy infringement you read about, something else invariably does.This is very deep stuff, folks. Thought crimes is just around the corner…..
(5) Thoughts Decoded To Words That Can Be Read & Heard by Computer  – Well, there goes the neighborhood! With this technology advancing to hand-held gadgets, I need to patent a stylish tin foil skull cap because everybody is gonna need one to deflect the RF signals trying to read their thoughts.
(6) Human Beings As Batteries – Remember that scene from The Matrix where humans were being harvested for power for machines? 
(7)  Smart Phones That See Through Walls – Pretty damn devilish. Hopefully this will not be for commercial use as our rights to privacy are already going down a slippery slope. 
(8)Electronic Evolution: Research Show Robots Forming Human-like Societies 
-If these bots get the idea of overrunning human societies, may I suggest this.…..
(9)Motion-Sensing Gloves Could Let Deaf People Speak Aloud, Through Your Cellphone
The barrier has been broken! This is fantastic!
(10) NASA Sails To The Outer Limits –  As of July 5th 2012, a total of 777 exoplanets have been discovered. Could any of them harbor life?
(11) New Chemical Makes Teeth Cavity-Proof – (…hear that Steve Buscemi?)

See also Stranger Than Fiction 1 



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