Through A Child’s Eyes

“A Child’s View from Gaza: Palestinian Children’s Art and the Fight Against Censorship.”  (A collection of drawings by children from the Gaza Strip.  See more here. )

“I realize it’s hard for grownups to accept that we’ve had a hand in making a small child armless, legless, eyeless. We want to keep thinking Americans are generous, fun-loving, baseball-crazed folks who draw the line, collectively, at child abuse. At child murder. That image was never true, and it certainly isn’t now….Each child who sees the art should be given some background about war. Any war. For it is war that humanity must outgrow, wherever it arises…We can encourage ourselves, and our children, never to be afraid to feel. No one dies from compassion, is a mantra they might like. Empathy is a wave that need never be stopped. If our children catch  this wave, from the ocean of tears shed by Palestinian children, they might have a future in a more stable and saner world.”

~Alice Walker (forward from the book, “A Child’s View from Gaza”)



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