Countdown to a State Sanctioned Murder

Troy Davis

It’s 2011, but I have to admit, it feels like we’re still living under Jim Crow when African-Americans were hung & castrated for crimes where no evidence of wrong doing was needed or necessary. If your skin was/has been kissed by the sun, your ass had better run! In the case of Troy Davis, serious doubts about his guilt have arisen which should have been sufficient to stop his impending execution.

This entire case brought to mind the injustice of racism in the application of the death penalty. The fact of the matter is, many people privately denounce American justice as a travesty. Like “corporate philanthropy”, “free trade” and “friendly fire”, American justice is a blind-ass oxymoron–it disproportionately disfavors low income and non-white people, but pretends to be otherwise. (Check out The Death Penalty in Black and White: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides)

Can you imagine the damage if the real killer were to confess to the murder after Troy Davis’ execution tonight?

(Judge Penny Freeseman could issue a stay of execution. Call her at 912-652-7252 or email her at

They still don’t want to admit to the world that this isn’t the best and the fairest and most equal justice system. And that they are guilty of railroading people into jail. They don’t want to, or never will, admit these things. 

Leonard Peltier

*****UPDATE: Troy Davis’ execution was delayed tonight as the Supreme Court weighed arguments by Davis’ legal team and the state of Georgia over whether he deserves a stay….Whoa! Woke up this morning  and found out that they went ahead with the state murder….American justice–Aint it grand?.



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