A St. Lucian Jazz Affair


 Every time I return from my native land (St. Lucia), I get the urge to share the music of the talented musicians who reside on this blessed land.  St Lucia probably has one of the most eclectic populations on the planet. Out of this tiny, edenic island come two Nobel Prize laureates, world-class athletes, scholars and a rich variety of artists and musicians to include Grammy-nominated Taj Weekes

Two of St. Lucia’s most respected musicians, Ronald “Boo” Hinkson and Luther Francois are featured on the playlists below. Most people are not aware of the fact that roots of jazz music was  heavily influenced by Caribbean musicians (Jazz is a 20th century music developed from the African traditions of the free black Creole populations of the Caribbean and New Orleans). “Boo” & Luther can be both credited for popularizing jazz music in St Lucia which now hosts one of the most successful jazz festivals in the world. 

Check out their vibes here & here.



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