Chalmers Johnson: The Passing of an Oracle

Chalmers Johnson passed away last Saturday (11/20/10) and with him goes the dimming of another light in this increasingly desolate & angst-ridden world. After reading his book, “The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic a few years back, I became a student of his work. This man knew what he was talking about as he was once a consultant in the bowels of the C.I.A, and saw first-hand the official agendas, secret strategies & backroom deals of empire. Many people shy away from the uncomfortable truths of their nation as they tend to invalidate or challenge cherished beliefs they would much rather like to hold on to. I find people like this quite dangerous (& utterly pathetic!), and it would serve them well to ponder what Chalmers Johnson has to say in the following interview:


To read some of his probing articles, check here.

One of the most penetrating questions he posed close to the end of his days with us was this:

What would the “sole superpower” look like as a bankrupt country?

I wonder…



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