Hope Springs Eternal

Worldwide—the tears fell
Hope—long-stained, battered and bruised
Craned its jaundiced neck up towards the shaft
Of Light bursting through a formidable darkness
Familiar but hardly adjusted to.
How many lives have been sacrificed up to this point?
From the moment of the first African slave’s footprint on stolen soil
-the scarred backs, raped mothers and torn psyches from which this Empire was built-
To the known and unknown seekers of true liberation and honor who laid
Their lives on the ground for the conscience of future seekers of the same prize
We are now closer to that mountain-top that King envisioned
Closer to that Oneness of Man that Malcolm epiphanized
Closer to the end of that reckless notion of white supremacy…..
So, we celebrate a milestone in human progress
And, in particular, a turning point in the narrative of a besieged people.
Jesse, love him or hate him, understood & felt the weight of history
Standing there in Grant Park observing something of momentous proportions…
That the world wept at seeing the ascendence of Destiny Incarnate
Signifies an essential truth about Truth which Emerson observed:

Truth is our element.

The road is going to be long, dark & meandering, but hope springs eternal…..


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