November 4th 2008: America’s Day Of Destiny

Well done, Mr Obama!

My hope is this:

– That you honor your pledge to help the average Joe and the poor both here and abroad

– That you initiate innovative approaches to challenge the forces of greed and other corrupting influences of power and privelege

– That you end the dictatorial control of labor, consumers and taxpayers and that all those unchallenged loopholes that the rich have always enjoyed are done away with

– That America-as-Global-Cop (or Agent-Provocateur) comes to a long-awaited end (the world has had enough)

– That American politics transforms itself to the public (voluntary) funding of elections and becomes less and less influenced by powerful corporate interests (that could care less about that messy thing called “democracy”)

– That the crusty, old-guard racists/jingoists scatter like the cowards and dumb-asses that they are and come to grips with the revolutionary power of critical engagement aka truth.

– That your symbolic presence (and that of your beautiful family) shakes the foundation of what is possible in America, especially for folks who have been historically reviled and despised

– That the military budget which gets the lion’s share of the national budget, is cut big time & the money siphoned off into more meaningful areas (education, food/nutrition programs, housing & urban development, etc).

I don’t expect the seas to be parted or angels to swoop down from heaven heralding a New Dawn, but, like most people who have grown sick with cynicism and tired with rage, I expect a good dose of fresh air and a realistic change of direction that you embody & anxiously await your historical achievement as President of the United States of America.



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