Street Prophet: Lupe Fiasco

One of the most searing, iconoclastic and original Hip Hop artists on the scene today is Chicago-born rapper, producer & song-writer Lupe Fiasco. What’s different about Lupe is his conscious attempt to overturn debilitating and pernicious stereotypes that still serve as open wounds on the socio-cultural & politico-historical fabric of this nation. Like Nas, Talib Kweli and Common, he cleverly weaves complex tapestries and multi-dimensional character portrayals that take you on a journey to spheres that may be unfamiliar. Being only 26 years old makes him even more remarkable indeed.  Admittedly, some of the landscapes he etches are really dark, brooding and foreboding pieces, but he makes his point convincingly.

Check him out on the Tavis Smiley show explaining how he furtively slips his music past commercial radio’s predominant format of lasciviousness:



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